Hand grind your own fresh pepper and salt! Our grinders have an antique style mechanism. I hand turn each grinder. These grinders are made from Walnut. The interior of the grinders are coated with a food friendly mineral oil. The outside is coated multiple times with shellac to enhance the beauty of the wood.

Easy to use too! For pepper, slide open the grinder door. Fill with fresh peppercorns. Close the door. Turn the handle for fresh ground pepper! Adjust using the wheel, below the spring and knob on the top.

The mechanism is made from cast metal. It has a burr grinder rather than a blade grinder, for better flavour. It measures approximately 11″ high and 2-3/4″ in diameter.

The Salt Grinder measures approximately 5-3/4″ high and 2-1/4″ in diameter. The grinder mechanism is made from porcelain. To fill, unscrew the “acorn nut” at the top. Remove the crank and fill with salt. The grind can be adjusted to coarse or fine grind using the adjustment knob on the top.

Each piece is individually done. The one you receive may have slight variations from the one you see pictured here. We include operating instructions with each grinder.

A unique gift or a beautiful complement to your kitchen. Enjoy freshly ground pepper and salt anytime!

Rosewell Pepper & Salt Grinder – Walnut (Cylinder)